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We innovate communications in remote work

Solve your management problems and dramatically improve team building and productivity for your remote team.

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Isn’t remote work a trouble using only the existing tools?

We found that it's difficult to communicate well when you’re only texting or using formally scheduled video meetings. We need more chit-chat for inspiration and creativity.


Experience a happier remote life

This virtual office is a communication tool for remote teams in businesses

Greet your colleagues like you’re in a real office.

With this product, you can share your culture, ideas, and feelings with people as if you were sitting in a real office.

You can see what other people do in real-time

You no longer need to worry about not seeing your team's progress. Build trust through sharing your tasks and enjoying smoother communication in real-time.

Say "sayonara" to loneliness; value breaks and small talk.

Communication is very important. Connecting and having a chat at any time makes for effective team-building and engagement at work. You can create something together in this new space.


Main Features

We’re currently offering our closed alpha ver. and developing beta ver. (the beta ver. will be updated soon)

Instant video-call Video call hassle-free of scheduling and interact with your team like you would in the same location.

One-click voice-call View teammates in different chat rooms and initiate voice call with just one click!

Share your desktop screen Collaborate with your team with our easy-to-use screen sharing feature that enables you to launch meetings without prior modification.

Create multiple chat rooms Create and customize chat rooms for easy flow of communication and team bonding. Each team can design their lounge, their working room and their meeting room.

Toggle dark-mode instantly Go easy on your eyes by switching to the dark mode or personalize your experience by choosing your favourite color theme.

Mute your mic when you’re busy Switch to focus mode or mute your teammates for heavy concentration on personal tasks, according to your needs.


We’re creating a world
that can work from
and live anywhere.

Developed by Libase inc., working with more than 100 remote workers.